Rereading Notes:
Rereading their notes is a great way to study. However, have your child get creative with this strategy by having them read notes to you or a study partner. The more they keep reading their notes, the more they will remember the information!

Flash Card Fun:
Using flash cards can be a wonderful way to study. Have your child turn their flash cards into a fun game, like memory match with word cards and definitions. Another idea is to play charades with flash cards. Many kids love this study alternative! Making it fun will keep your child engaged and focused.

Many kids love technology so have them use what they love while studying, like using FaceTime for studying. Have them FaceTime a friend in their class and do Q & A sessions. This is a great way to have some fun into study sessions. Just make sure they stick to the task at hand!

Game Board:
Make a game board into a study board. Make up your own rules or apply the rules of another game. Use your study questions and have fun with it. Remember the goal is to make study time more enjoyable and more importantly effective for your child.

In order to make study time more fun it is important to sometimes think “outside the box.” This approach may take more time but the time spent studying with your child will be more effective.

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