In-Home or Online Tutoring for Middle School and High School Students.

Underachievers, Overachievers, and Those in the Middle. ADHD.

Test Prep: PSAT, ACT, SAT & College Application Essays

Reading and Writing in All Subject Areas

What Can Parents Expect?

  • A THOROUGH Assessment of Each Child’s Needs

  • EXPERT, Upbeat, Patient Instruction
  • STUDENT Growth in Reading and Writing
  • HIGHER Test Scores
  • REDUCTION in Test Anxiety
  • A PERSUASIVE College Application Essay

What Can Students Expect?

  • WINNING Study Strategies That Fit Who They Are
  • A TURN-AROUND in Courses They Don’t Really Like

  • INCREASED endurance
  • BETTER Organization
  • SKILLS They Didn’t Know They Could Master

Subject Areas:

  • ELA – all levels
  • Writing – In All Subjects
  • College Prep to AP English
  • College Prep to AP US History
  • College Prep to AP Western Civilization
  • College Prep to AP Government
  • College Prep to AP History
  • College Prep to AP Psychology
  • College Prep to AP Sociology
  • Drama and Theater
  • Expository Writing
  • Creative Writing


“You are one of the four most important teachers I ever had. That’s because you never ceased to believe in your students.”

Jessica A., Student

“Mr. Howard helped bring back the power of literature in my life. His passion for teaching is paired with his passion for learning. He cares deeply for his students and caters to each individual’s needs to help them succeed.”

Katie D., Student

“You helped not only students that struggle with writing (and thinking), but you also helped challenge the most sophisticated students into making their papers better, and in general, reflective of their keen intellect.”

Joel Barlow, High School Teacher

“I remember being a student in your English class my Junior year at Joel Barlow High school. You had us read really interesting pieces and books that kept us engaged in class and helped us improve our writing and analyzing skills so much. Doing the monologue presentation in class especially helped me with my fear of public speaking.”

Sarah D., Student

“Middle school years can be, by far, some of the most intense, confusing and difficult stages that one goes through. Mr. Howard recognized that and taught his students to be thoughtful, creative and to learn. I am grateful that my child had the opportunity to experience such a wonderful teacher.”

E. Halsey, Parent

“You made a huge difference in my motivation academically.”

Ashawnee P.

About Mr. Howard

Jason V. Howard is a Connecticut Certified Teacher with over 15 years of classroom and tutoring experience.

My students have ranged from exceptionally talented AP literature, social science and science writers to the quiet middle school kids, hoping just to find a thesis for the paper they have to write.


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