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SHAPE Your OWN Success story

Build Confidence and Master Reading and Writing Skills with Personalized Training

In-Home or Online Tutoring for Middle and High Schools Students.

Underachievers, Overachievers, and those in the Middle. ADHD.

Test Prep: PSAT, ACT, SAT & College Application Essays.

Reading and Writing in All Subject Areas.

What Can Parents Expect?

  • A THOROUGH Assessment of Each Child’s Needs
  • EXPERT, Upbeat, Patient Instruction
  • STUDENT Growth in Reading and Writing
  • HIGHER Test Scores
  • REDUCTION in Test Anxiety
  • A PERSUASIVE College Application Essay

What Can Students Expect?

  • WINNING Study Strategies That Fit Who They Are
  • A TURN-AROUND in Courses They Don’t Really Like
  • INCREASED endurance
  • BETTER Organization
  • SKILLS They Didn’t Know They Could Master
  • A PERSUASIVE College Application Essay


Subject Areas:

  • ELA - all levels
  • Writing – In All Subjects
  • College Prep to AP English
  • College Prep to AP US History
  • College Prep to AP Western Civilization
  • College Prep to AP Government
  • College Prep to AP US History
  • College Prep to AP Psychology
  • College Prep to AP Sociology
  • Drama and Theater
  • Expository Writing
  • Creative Writing