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Middle school is a time when students often develop new interests such as sports, video games or fashion. These new interests can distract from school and homework. If your child is earning grades that you believe are lower than they should be, it’s time for a tutor. The extra help and individual attention a tutor provides can build confidence, bolster learning, and improve study skills

Benefits of Middle School Tutoring

  • Improve Grades: The extra study time and concepts being explained on an individual level help increase understanding. This helps children learn and be able to apply concepts and score better on tests and schoolwork.
  • Better Study Habits: Regular tutor sessions improve the study habits of middle schoolers. It gives them a regular time of day and/or week when they dedicate their time to studying. Private tutors can also provide studying tips to children.
  • Individualized Attention: At school, children rarely get individualized attention. They are taught in large classes and are only taught concepts and ideas in one manner. The teaching method presented by a teacher may not fit your child’s learning style. Trained middle school tutors know there are several ways to teach kids and can give them the personalized attention they need.
  • Reduced Stress: This applies to both students and parents. Parents feel obligated to help with homework, but they are not trained teachers and have many other responsibilities. A tutor can accomplish in one hour what parents struggle to accomplish in three or more! Students also feel stress as they adjust to new academic challenges while attempting to balance divergent interests. A tutor can teach subject matter, model study skills and instill confidence.

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