Summer Sprint Aheads

This year’s grades not quite where you’d hoped? If COVID shut-down’s, online mix-up’s, isolation and confusion have left you behind in terms of academic skills, now is the time to plan your big come-back!

Summer Sprint Aheads give you the intensive, one-one-one tutoring that experts say really catches students up. Meeting one hour a day Monday through Thursday with an individual tutor, you will see an increase in reading and/or writing ability in any subject area.

Regain your confidence and motivation after this difficult year!

  • Choose to begin right after school ends, or
  • Choose any week(s) in July
  • For best results, choose a block of two weeks
  • But a one-week block helps, too
  • Take advantage of special pricing: $200/week
  • Sessions start June 21
  • Make plans now to Sprint Ahead!

Call 203-644-0279 for a free consultation

What subject will we study?

Mr. Howard will call you to discuss scheduling.