Test Prep Assistance
Serving Students Across Fairfield County

Is there a standardized test in your future? Finish Line Tutoring’s Jason Howard has over 15 years as a Connecticut Certified Teacher and Tutor. If you’re not fully confident in your test taking abilities, we welcome you to contact our private tutor today to schedule your first session. We offer both online test prep and in-home test prep to middle school and high school students throughout the Fairfield County area. 

Finish Line Tutoring is here to help you:

  • Build confidence and endurance
  • Conquer test anxiety
  • Find out how tests work
  • Practice test-taking strategies
  • Learn to apply your strengths to any test.

One-to-One Test Preparation Programs

Our in-home and online tutoring programs can be tailored to suit the precise needs of local children and teens. No matter the nature of our students’ upcoming tests, we provide them with the tools and techniques to succeed. In addition to our SAT and ACT preparation services, we provide college application essay assistance. It’s truly never been easier to stand up to the competition as you transition into college or apply to a new school.

Be sure to browse the following section to get a better sense of our one-to-one test preparation programs. Mr. Howard is ready to assist students in the Wilton, Westport, Weston, and Danbury, CT communities, as well as throughout neighboring towns.

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  • ACT Preparation
  • PSAT Preparation
  • SAT
  • ISEE

How a Private Tutor Can Help With Test Prep

Hiring a private tutor to help with test prep can benefit students in many different ways:

  • Personalized Attention: Every student has different strengths and weaknesses. When preparing for a test, whether a routine exam or a standardized test, one preparation approach won’t be right for every student. A tutor can help identify problem areas for your student and work to directly address them.
  • Learn New Strategies: A good tutor can teach a student how to approach difficult problems by addressing strategy; making logical, quick, educated guesses; and developing time management skills to finish tests efficiently.
  • Motivation: Test prep can get overwhelming, especially for students who already have enough on their plate. Working with a tutor can help your child muster the motivation to put in the time.
  • Stress Relief: Preparing for standardized tests, exams, and college is incredibly stressful. A tutor can help alleviate test anxiety by helping your child feel more prepared and approach the test with confidence.
  • Build New Habits: Standardized tests are important, but it’s even more beneficial for your student to build good study habits. Learning to effectively prepare for a test can help your child in college and even beyond.