Online Resources To Help Your Struggling Learner

Navigating and advocating for your child’s education can be challenging at times, especially if your child has learning challenges. In Connecticut, we are fortunate to have many resources at our fingertips. There are many helpful websites that support parents as they help their struggling learner. Our team has compiled a list of educational websites to help parents during their educational journey. Inside the ADHD Mind

ADDITUDE magazine helps parents understand how ADHD affects how their child processes information and gives helpful advice for some of the struggles they face academically. Parents can find real world articles that explain some best practices and study habits for children with ADHD. is a wonderful advocacy website for all types of learning disabilities. They have articles to help understand a child’s IEP and strategies to best support a specific learning need.

How to ADHD

How to ADHD is a unique YouTube channel developed by Jessica McCabe. Unlike other ADHD advocacy programs, McCabe had ADHD herself and speaks from personal experiences. This perspective is great for middle school and high school age children because they can see themselves in her videos and discussions.

LD Online (

LD online has a wealth of resources for parents with children with learning differences or ADHD. LD Online has information on understanding what your child needs, your rights and responsibilities in working with your school and ways to advocate and support your child.