5 Things Parents Can Do to Support Students Learning Online

In “5 Things Parents Can Do to Support Students Learning Online,Edmentum writer Sara Cornelius offers parents practical, manageable to-do’s that can help kids who might be a bit lost these days outside the classroom. She suggests they can effectively coach their children to adopt the skills and attitudes they need for the demands of online instruction. Planning ahead and setting time aside for (what they hope will be) uninterrupted work are part of nearly every adult’s life, so why not invite young learners to do the same? Thus for children, setting up their own structure becomes a way to act like a grown up. And pin that agreed-upon schedule to the fridge! Other suggestions: talking in detail with children about what works and what doesn’t work for them as learners, bringing teachers into the conversation, and learning software so it becomes a tool and not a hindrance can turn frustrated parents into effective online learning coaches. NOTE: these strategies are also excellent ways for parents to support their children once they are back in the classroom. Read More by clicking here!

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