Help When Online Learning Not as Effective as In-Person

Trying to learn alone at home has turned out to be very tough for some students, and educational technology isn’t helping enough. The corona virus should have been ed tech’s big moment to shine. Instead, teachers are frustrated by the isolation, and many students are falling behind. In an article for New Scientist, MIT’s Justin Reich maintains that most children need to be in close contact with an adult to be motived to learn, and few would disagree. While teachers using remote learning do their absolute best, Reich says, “When a student closes their laptop in frustration in a classroom, someone can see it and respond. When the same thing happens while using an education technology product, human connections are shut down with it.” There is simply no opportunity to reach out and help a discouraged learner. But a tutor can help.

Does your child miss a strong connection with a teacher? While we get through another COVID term, an individual tutor can help your child feel motivated and connected. Working one-on-one either in person (masked) or over the internet, a tutor can focus in on specific learning challenges, help make up lost ground, and keep disengagement from compounding itself. With any luck, kids will be back in the classroom next fall. But for now, one-on-one support might be just the right thing.

I’ve helped scores of middle and high school students make measurable progress in reading, writing, English, social studies. I’ve coached Joel Barlow students as they finish the Junior Year Writing Portfolio. And I’ve coached students as they compose the college application essay.

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